A CIO that "gets" open source and collaboration tools

I've been really busy lately and will get back to the P2P Collaboration tool post soon. I've really been enjoying my new job and have been spending a bit too much time at it. :)

I was trying to catch up on a bit of my reading and I ran across a fantastic 50 minute video on open source in the enterprise when reading Stu's blog that I had to stop and share it really quickly. It is really worth the time. Be patient. If your job is related to information technology, you must hear this and consider it.

CIO JP Rangaswami breaks down the economic justification for using open source in the enterprise and many of the reasons we need to tear down the walled gardens. There are some specifics he gives for banks, but most technology companies will have very similar issues working with other companies. Any company taking an early stand for open source collaboration tools can gain the benefits of better recruiting as he explains. He also explains how the various tools are consolidating to standards and a small number of fundamental operations.

When I listen, it is more and more justification for the coming WebOS.

Again, the link is http://www.infoq.com/presentations/jp-rangaswami-open-source.

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