Finding a voice (the problem with blogs)

I've been quite hesitant to start a blog with any actual content. From the ones I've read, it seems most folks aren't nearly as paranoid as I am. It is absolutely nerve-racking to think about how much information about me is available on the Internet with very little effort. Can I avoid my slightest fear that someone is going to hunt me down and poison my dog because I accidentally offended them?

There is also the issue of intellectual property rights and proprietary information. Will I slip up and give away something that is really owned by my company, get fired, get sued, and make my company go bankrupt? Will I give away my billion dollar idea to some ninny who then corrupts it to kill every puppy in the country?

And what about the whole deal with using someone else's server to share these ideas? How do I know they won't burn to the ground just when Bill Gates was going to read my latest blog entry on why he should use his foundation to cure a disease that would otherwise kill every puppy on Earth?

Nevertheless, I've decided the risk of NOT starting a blog is too great to continue prevaricating around the bush. Living in ignorance of the value of my ideas, not being exposed to necessary feedback, isn't acceptable. Experiencing the problems of maintaining a blog is one of the best ways I can imagine to be a part of the solution. I hope that you'll join me.

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