Google: left hand meet right hand

This is a very common problem in the software industry, so I won't pick on Google too hard. My last post about Google's Firefox extensions didn't get any responses, so I thought I'd spend a couple minutes to find out if Google already had plans to fix the problem.

I found the announcement of the extension made by Glen Murphy about a year ago, but didn't find any follow-up announcements on that blog by Glen.

I checked the FAQ, nothing too useful there. There were support contacts; an e-mail address and a discussion group. The discussion group had relevant information:

If you just signed up for Blogger, you've got a Blogger Beta account. Google hasn't yet updated their extensions to be compatible with Blogger Beta. Once they do,
you'll be able to do whatever you should be able to do with the
extension. Until then, I'm sorry to say you're stuck with the Web
interface. :(
My complaint is that Blogger is no longer in beta. There is no mention of this issue on the Blogger bug list, at least that I could find. Before you take something out of beta, shouldn't you make sure the other products from your company actually work with it?

Well, I'm hopeful that Google has already figured out this is a problem and that is why they are talking about more features and fewer products. See interview and Time article.

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