Droolling over the Apple iPhone

The inclusion of OS X, full-blown Safari, and 802.11 support has got me. Finally, *nix in a widely available US phone. I wish it had EVDO in addition to EDGE, so it will be slow compared to my Treo 700p. Quad-band GSM--nice, should be a good international phone.

Anyone know if it will support A2DP so I can use my stereo Bluetooth headphones?

Update: It looks like it does according to Engadget.


  1. Oddly, I was more interested in the Beatles and iTV box :-)

  2. Happy new year, Jadon! I found your message in a jank mail box today (my stupid mailer put it there). I found a news about iPhone on an evening news paper yesterday. Apple is going to release this product in Japan next year. I'm looking forward to own it when it becomes available locally ( I wonder how it manages Japanese inputs ). BTW, I bought MacBook Pro with Core 2 Duo. I run WinXP using Paralles. I'm fully satisfied with it. I completed scheduling software project, and am working on developping an accouting software now. I should share my experience as soon as I get spare time.

  3. trinity,

    Great to hear from you again, it has been a while. Hopefully Apple will improve the network performance when they release the iPhone in Japan. Not having UMTS seems silly for a phone like this being released now.

    I hope to hear about your accounting software project soon. Maybe we can still manage to collaborate on this WebOS stuff, if I can ever get enough time away from my day job. I'm working on that. :-)