Increasing traffic randomly

I was reading Mike-O-Matic and ran across his Click Pyramid site.

This is how it works:

  1. You visiting each link below in turn and collect the codes that are presented.
  2. These codes are entered into the form below, along with the website information you would like added to our database.
  3. You are then given a link to a new list, which will have your site first on the list and each one moved down one slot. The bottom site will drop off.
  4. You can then place that link in web advertisements or on your website/blog. Any users who click on it will go through a similar process to add their link, and will spread your link even further.
I figured it couldn't do any harm, so I created my own ID, #208. Only 208! Oh well, I guess I'm spreading good karma for someone who created a couple of blog entries that I found interesting.

Of course, if I advertise that link, wouldn't I just be better off advertising my own site instead of adding it to a list with 4 other sites? I guess that I could get a few people to check out my site simply because they want to advertise theirs, but doesn't allowing them to leave a comment on my blog accomplish roughly the same thing?

The thought is still somewhat interesting, but someone will have to turn it around somehow to make it work.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jadon,

    Thanks for trying out ClickPyramid. The only ad I have for it is on my blog, so that might explain the low user count. :)

    If the concept works (still an open question) it is better than advertising your own link because it opens you up to 5 generations of page views. If 10 people use your link to start their own ClickPyramid, your link occupies the second place on their lists. If 10 people each then open ClickPyramids with their links, you are then on 100 + 10 + 1 = 111 different ClickPyramids and will get a hit from each one of them. That's the theory anyway.

    This isn't a new idea (if you read usenet you've seen it before) and it never works long term, but hey. It's free. :)