Adding a URL to 'gitweb'

It is as simple as creating a 'cloneurl' file in the git repository directory, just like you can add a 'description' file.

This took about 7 minutes of exploring the CGI code of gitweb to find, which took another 2 minutes to find. I spend about 20 exploring the web based on some links I was given that were 'supposed' to explain this, because this was the big feature that was missing from my gitweb installation. Ugh!

Come on Linux folks, are you just trying to make easy things difficult?

Example: http://www.beagleboard.org/gitweb/?p=beagleboard.org.git as sourced by http://www.beagleboard.org/beagleboard.org.git.


  1. thanx, helped me but how do they make 2 "URL:" on the following side:

  2. It turns out this is rather easy. You can have newlines in your 'cloneurl' file and put in "URL:" with a tab after it at the beginning of each line.

  3. hmm it do not work for me

    i did it like that:

    URL: + [tab] + [url1]
    URL: + [tab] + [url2]

    or didnt i understand you right?

    i tried also with empty lines between and tab bevore the urls. what did i wrong?

  4. hmm k i think its not importent for me anymore, i will change the webinterface to cgit