Coining a phrase, the Contextual Web

I was getting started writing up a "master paper" to serve as a guideline for submissions to several conferences this year, including Lug Radio Live USA. In this paper, I planned to coin a phrase, "The Contextual Web". I figured, if I plan to coin a phrase, I should at least ask Google if anyone has tried to do that before me.

It turns out that someone has, they did it recently, and the synopsis looks eerily like the one I had written in some drafts. I'm not trying to claim that anyone stole my idea, or that I even had it significantly earlier than anyone else. To the contrary, I'm trying to claim that this idea is just that obvious. Here's a clip from the page I found when I did a Google search for "the contextual web":

The next generation of the web isn't going to be on your desktop, it may not even be on your mobile device. Context is going to be increasingly important and Nick will take you through the process of designing and architecting for context as well as regardless of the context.
Well, Nick Finck, you've got my attention. A few more searches with Nick's name in the search box return some additional gems:
There are four Elements of Context – the User, the Task, the Environment, and the Technology. Who is your user and what obstacles are they facing; what task are they trying to complete; what is the environment in which they are working; and what kind of computer or device are they using? Designing interactive experiences is not limited to the web on your computer or phone – consider gas pumps, fridges, or devices like Microsoft Surface.
This definitely puts my ego into perspective. Nick, I'm supporting the Beagle board just for you. :)


  1. So will you be at LugRadio Live USA 2008?

  2. Yes, I'm presenting a lightning talk at Lug Radio Live USA 2008 and hosting a table. I hope to meet you 'anonymous'. :)

  3. Hey Jadon,

    Sorry to snag the phrase before you could get your paper done. I don't any one person can own it and please by all means feel free to use it. That said, I do have some links for you. These are the two presentations I did on The Contextual Web.

    The Contextual Web (slides with audio) - Webmaster Jam Session 2007 in Dallas

    The Contextual Web II (slides with no audio [yet!]) - SXSW Interactive 2008 in Austin